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  • So… in short I decided to knit something

    Oh my goodness, I have to confess…

    I am in love and will you believe… .

    I am in love with knitting!

    Of course, I learned how to knit as a child, but never did I enjoy the old fashioned look and the stitches always falling off the needles. But then I met ChiaoGoo and the amazing Juanita Muir. Plus I discovered the world of Marling through Adele Marais.

    So… in short I decided to knit something, but boy oh boy I was not prepared for this world of knitting.

    I found this amazing picture and pattern and I just have to make it. On top of it all the pattern is fairly simple and I am sure I will manage.


    You can find the pattern here:

    Using this colourful palette as my inspiration, I bought a variety of Merino Lace. I bought 3 x 100g Umbala skeins I just loved, to go with this, I matched it with 5x 50 g Cowgirlblues and I also added 2 x 100g Baah Yarn skeins. I will use 2 threads and this will allow me to do marling, but I can also use 2 threads of the same yarn for more solid lines. Here is my colour scheme:

    colour scheme

    I knitted my gauge block and my knitting with needles 4.5mm is right on par…so I am ready to go and I also love how the colours marry!

    test swatch

    You can follow this project on My Ravelry and I will keep you posted via the Brilliantmommy blog of my progress:


    * Anel Theron-Marx is the owner and founder at Anelke Consulting and Designs, founder and Head Baker at BlueSpoons and manages Wings for Life.

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  • How much is that gauge swatch in the window? (woof! woof!)

    How much is that gauge swatch in the window?

    The one that's perfectly made

    How much is that gauge swatch in the window?

    I do hope that gauge swatch's for sale

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate doing gauge swatches.  *insert some childish foot-stamping .gif here*  It feels like such a waste of time.  You start something and the object of it is to frog it and redo it until it's perfect.

    Why does it feel like such a grudge job?  I'll tell you why.  Instant gratification.  A gauge swatch is where instant gratification goes to die.  When you're done with a gauge swatch it serves no purpose other than to congratulate you that you successfully copied the pattern designer by figuring out how to get a block the same size and shape with your own choice of yarn and hook size.  I've read about some crafters collecting all their gauge swatches and eventually making a wonderful and colourful textured blanket with it.  Really? 

    That was the old me.  I've been converted and am now a proud member of the we-are-serious-about-our-garments club.  I will proudly hold up my gauge swatches for the world to see.  I will collect them in a special craft bag for show-and-tell gatherings.


    "This gauge swatch I redid 6 times to get it absolutely perfect..."  (proud smiley face)

    "Oh, and this gauge swatch required me to wait until the weekend so I could go to 4 shops to look for a very elusive hook number..."  (very determined look on face)

    My gauge swatch for the cover top of the Your Family February 2018 edition screamed that I'm going to need more yarn to get the required length.  Did I listen?  Of course not.  Another trip to the yarn shop for me.

    x Helène

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