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  • What I have learned and achieved

    As you read in Blog 1, I wanted to knit the Jujuba jumper (pattern can be found here: )

    This is what I have learned and achieved in the last weeks

    1. Knitting in the round vs flat

    The day I wanted to cast on, I realized that the pattern asks for the sleeves to be knitted in the round…oh no, I don’t have the right length of needle and was also not able to find the correct length at my LYS (local yarn shop @yarnatzelle). After lots of deliberation, I decided to knit the jumper flat and to not be discouraged by the needle and knitting in the round. I am making the jumper in the largest size and I did a cast on of 56 stitches.

    knit flat

    1. Don’t overthink the colour marling

    I decided up front to not overthink or plan the colours. I am enjoying the journey, I do marling (using 2 strands of complementing colours) for some of the rows and for others I use 2 strands of the same colour. Most of the time, I only plan the next colour change, but not much further than that. I am very pleased with the colours. The colour stripes are also uneven – it varies from 8 rows, 5 rows and in some cases only 3 rows.

    colour marling

    1. Colour changes, threads, and my perfectionism

    Due to the uneven stripes and marling, I am trying to achieve, I must do multiple colour changes and the loose threads on the sides started to drive me crazy. My ever-present mentor Juanita Muir (@Juaknits) assured me that my knitting looks perfect and that we will hide it when we start to join the edges…. phew, so I will just continue and look past them then

    1. Increasing

    The shape of the sleeve and the increase for the front and back sides are really simple and are not determined by the number of rows, but by inches. In my case, I must increase every ½ inch. The reason for this is to work with your own gauge. To keep me motivated and to ensure the sleeve fits my arm, I started to pin the sleeves and fit it on my arm.


    1. My progress so far

    I am done with the left sleeve and shoulder part – I now need to start splitting the stitches for the front and back and the decrease for the neck. I am beyond proud! The pattern is simple, and the increases are easy to follow. If it was maybe in a single colour, I would get bored by now, but the anticipation of the colour changes and overall interest each colour combination bring are keeping me motivated. I will now start with the right side to ensure I have enough yarn to continue the colour effect and then I will complete my front and back neck decreases together as I want to mirror the front and back colour stripes


    The biggest part of the success of this project with 9 balls of different yarn lies in my Brilliantmommy bag! I can carry the complete project with me and pick my balls of yarn easily from the see-through bag!