So… in short I decided to knit something

 2019-02-07 11:56 AM by

Oh my goodness, I have to confess…

I am in love and will you believe… .

I am in love with knitting!

Of course, I learned how to knit as a child, but never did I enjoy the old fashioned look and the stitches always falling off the needles. But then I met ChiaoGoo and the amazing Juanita Muir. Plus I discovered the world of Marling through Adele Marais.

So… in short I decided to knit something, but boy oh boy I was not prepared for this world of knitting.

I found this amazing picture and pattern and I just have to make it. On top of it all the pattern is fairly simple and I am sure I will manage.


You can find the pattern here:

Using this colourful palette as my inspiration, I bought a variety of Merino Lace. I bought 3 x 100g Umbala skeins I just loved, to go with this, I matched it with 5x 50 g Cowgirlblues and I also added 2 x 100g Baah Yarn skeins. I will use 2 threads and this will allow me to do marling, but I can also use 2 threads of the same yarn for more solid lines. Here is my colour scheme:

colour scheme

I knitted my gauge block and my knitting with needles 4.5mm is right on par…so I am ready to go and I also love how the colours marry!

test swatch

You can follow this project on My Ravelry and I will keep you posted via the Brilliantmommy blog of my progress:


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