Go, go, go... frog (again)

 2018-04-11 05:39 PM by
And while the word 'frog' can easily be substituted by another f-word that I may or may not have said when I discovered my mistake - this question remains unanswered:  to frog or not to frog (funnily enough (and not like funny ha-ha) I was faced with the same question two months ago and you can read about it here).  Will I undo a whole hour's worth of crochet?  Will I convince myself that it's not that bad?  I agonised over this question for a whole night and I've decided to...


One hour earlier

While still staring in agony at my project with it's mistake I'm wondering why I'm always so indecisive when faced with this scenario.  I came up with a few reasons:

  • I'm hoping the mistake will go away.
  • I'm hoping the mistake is not that bad.
  • I'm hoping that by stepping one step back and looking at the mistake it will morph into the project and not be visible.
  • I'm hoping that by squinting at my mistake it will be less obvious.
  • I'm hoping that by fixing a pompom there will make the mistake less obvious.
  • I'm hoping my daughter has a matching colour pencil so I can colour in (colour out) my mistake and make it less visible.

Then, by prolonging my agony with a fancy delaying tactic, I decided to construct a rule for when I need to frog and when not to.  After all, I'm a rule-type person.  I need rules frog-it!  Rules make for an orderly society.  Rules make me feel safe.  Rules have exceptions...

  • When a mistake is spotted in my crochet project I will frog it back and do it over.  Except when:
    • The mistake will go away.
    • The mistake is not that bad.
    • By stepping one step back the mistake morph into the project and is not visible any longer.
    • When squinting at the mistake it is less obvious.
    • By fixing a pompom over it the mistake is less obvious.
    • My daughter has a matching colour pencil and I can colour in (colour out) the mistake.


Present time

The mistake didn't go away.  It was that bad - for me.  It was all I could see.  I will forever look at the completed blanket and search for the block with the mistake.  I will not ever be free to take pics of my project without rearranging it so that the mistake doesn't show.  I will feel like a phony brilliant mommy at show-and-tell crochet gatherings.  So, I just did it.

Wacky Weave Ilona Slow Life Creations CAL

Now hand me my chocolate and slowly back away...

Until next time.

x Helène

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