Are you a...

  • SA Yarn Store owner?

    • Do you want to add value to your loyal customers?  Take advantage of ©Brilliantmommy's wholesale pricing and offer a range of practical and stylish craft bags.  Just one more reason for customers to visit your store.  Not to mention our wholesale prices leave enough room for a decent markup.  Email Helène and request a catalogue and visit the Partners page to see which yarn shops are already part of the family.

  • Hostess for regular craft events at a SA Yarn Store?

    • Do you want to add a special touch to your event while generating extra funds?  Email Helène for a catalogue to present to the attendees, collect their orders at the event and Brilliantmommy will supply the products at wholesale prices.  The markup on the price is up to you.  Just remember that the order will have to be placed through a SA Yarn Store.  Don't have a specific yarn store in mind?  Visit the Partners page for some suggestions.

  • Crocheter or Knitter?

    • Do you want a stylish addition for your yarn stash?  Store all your work-in-progresses each in it's own bag.  You'll be the envy of all your fellow Crafters.

You need a craft bag when...

  • You have started yet another project with no thought to proper storage.  Don't bunch it up and slip it between the sofa's pillows hoping nothing will unravel and everything will stay together!

  • You have a in-front-of-the-TV project, a waiting-in-the-car project, and one next to your bed before you go to sleep.  And don't even think about scrunching it into those awful environmentally unfriendly seal-able plastic bags!

  • You have a weekly get-together at the local yarn store.  You need to be able to transport your precious project to the venue and back without losing anything.  Wouldn't it be extra special to have it in a perfect, yet super stylish, craft bag?

    You need a ©Brilliantmommy Craft Bag!

©Brilliantmommy Craft Bags

are handmade by an adventurous Crocheter who understands Crafters' needs.  A ©Brilliantmommy Craft Bag will not only provide the practical solution of containing and transporting your project, you will also look good while doing it.  Be gone that floppy, square, one dimensional, mass produced, thin, white cotton bag.  Welcome a new, structured, tailored, fashionably elegant ©Brilliantmommy Craft Bag into your life.

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